Quicksplit magnetic plate system for Kavo³ 4-spoke

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Quicksplit items are available within a few days.

The extremely flat primary bases made of anodised aluminium combine outstanding dimensional stability with a mirror-smooth surface.

The system is ideal for use with self-cast secondary plaster bases. Furthermore, the secondary plastic bases developed later on also fit perfectly on this system.


Regardless of whether you equip only one articulator with two base plates or wish to synchronise several base plates via an adjustment base plate, the Quicksplit system by Rossner & Sohn provides full flexibility in every case.

Due to the special manufacturing process, structural changes on the surface can be ruled out for decades to come. This remains unique and distinguishes us significantly from systems that are machined and always subject to a certain degree of serial fluctuation.

A blue magnetic plate is responsible for the secure hold of each jaw model.

A cold-curing polymer or low-shrinkage adhesive should be used as adhesive connection between the anchor plate and the adjustment base. If required, these connections can be loosened again by heating.