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Side panel White

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  • 1130 1238
Create your own distinctive articulator with the individual side panels for the Arto XP!

Choose your favourite from a variety of different designs and give your Arto XP articulator a unique look.

Please note that the Arto XP side panels are customised by hand in Germany.

Therefore each piece is unique, variations in colour and decoration are completely normal and make your articulator one of a kind.

And should you ever become bored with the selected decor, simply change it!

The side panels are easy to assemble in just a few steps, and come complete with the appropriate tools.
11000412_01 Arto XP 2

Art. Nr. 1100 0412

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14600126_01 Retention discs - punched - galvanised -...

Art. Nr. 1460 0126

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11301255_01 Side panel Floret Lawn

Art. Nr. 1130 1255

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€39.95 *