MS 2000 EvoPrint Starter-Set - Digital

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With the EvoPrint Introduction Set – Digital, you can comfortably test whether digital saw-cut model manufacturing with Exocad® / 3Shape meets your requirements. This set includes all necessary components to ensure an easy and cost-effective entry into digital model manufacturing.

Explore the versatility of the ultimate MS 2000 EvoPrint pin base plate:

Our enhanced Modelsystem 2000 Evo pin base plate is seamlessly compatible with Magic® Model 3D Dental CAD-Modelbuilder and traditional plaster model making.

One plate that covers all your needs!

Key features include:

- Advanced plate geometry for superior printing outcomes

- Consistent and optimized fit

- High-quality plastic for better die friction

- Integration with Exocad® / 3shape

Groundbreaking innovation designed for maximum performance.

Set Contents:

8 Pcs EvoPrint EvoPrint Pin Base Plates - Small - 14901462

4 Pcs MS 2000 Evo Insert - with metal core - 14000707

4 Pcs MS 2000 Splitcast Plate - Small - 14000690

*Important Information for 3D Printing:

Attention Exocad® / 3Shape Users: The large EvoPrint plate is not supported in Model Creator / Model Builder. Please use the MS 2000 EvoPrint pin base plate in small for Exocad® / 3Shape software.

Don’t get confused: "small, medium, large" in Exocad® refer to the size of the dental arch, not to the pin base plate. Until further notice, please use only the MS 2000 EvoPrint small MS 2000 EvoPrint pin base plate.